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Students: Logging in -
UsernameFirst Name.Last Name.  (i.e., John.Smith, or John.Smith1 if there are duplicates)
PasswordMidlandxxxx, where “xxxx” is the last four digits of your SSN. Note the “M” is capitalized Facultyand Staff: Credentials will be provided by the Midland Help Desk

Wifi is provided over the entire Midland campus, including our Omaha location.  Students' devices should connect to MUWarriors. For gaming and other special devices email to get connected. Midland devices should connect to Warrior Wifi with staff or special credentials.

    -    Go to>”Setup Password Recovery or Change”. Enter your username and password to proceed. For forgotten passwords go to>Recover Forgotten Password. (Security questions and PIN recovery will be enforced.)

      -      Starting point for all Midland-related links, including Warrior Central, Canvas, Warrior Mail, Google Apps Suite, Luther Library, Dining Services, MU Bookstore, final exam Schedule, Student Handbook, Campus Calendar, Fremont weather, and parking information.


Midland Mobile App (available from your device’s app store)

  • Stay connected and receive notifications regarding your personal information, campus news, activities, social events, etc.

FreshX Mobile App

  • Stores your student/employee ID and allows for simplified dining hall/Grille/Fresh Ideas vending transactions.

Warrior Central (>Student Apps) or (>Faculty and Staff)

  • Contains schedule, midterm and final grades, billing, Financial Aid, and registration information

Warrior Mail (>Student Apps>Warrior Mail (or>Faculty and Staff Apps>Warrior Mail)

  • It is recommended to configure your Midland gmail account on your Smartphone/iPhone for easy communication. All student announcements regarding classes and University events are e-mailed to the student email account. This account serves as the official communication link between students, faculty and administration.
    Students are expected to check this account daily.

Canvas (>Student Apps (or>Faculty and Staff Apps)>Canvas)
      -     Canvas is Midland’s learning management system. Students use CANVAS to perform required course activities            and download course resources.

Luther Library (>Academic Resources>LutherLibrary)
    -     Students, faculty, and staff can access the Luther Library online catalog, academic journals, research databases, and thousands of online books for academic research and leisure reading. These resources can be accessed from off campus by using the EZProxy Login (Midland account).

Midland Help Desk  Ph: 402-941-6270    Location: Luther Library    Email:    

Visit the Midland Help Desk Home page (>Help Desk) for guides on:
- Upgrade your computer with various virus scanning tools and Spam prevention applications
- Google apps information
- Printing on campus


Personal iPad
All full time undergraduate students will receive their own personal iPad.  This includes the educational version of the iPad, Apple Pencil, and charger. 

Residence Hall Labs
Every residence hall has a lab with a Dell All in One (AIO) computer which has a 23" HD monitor, runs Windows 10, and the latest software packages. Each computer lab has a laser jet printer to ensure 24/7 computer and printing access. 

Other Labs:





Anderson 4th Floor Classrooms

Anderson Room 402

Anderson Room 421

20 Dell AIO PCs, Adobe Creative Suite, printer

40 Dell AIO PCs, Adobe Creative Suite, printer

When not in use by classes.

Swanson Hall Basement Labs

Swanson Room 07 

Swanson Room 08

40 Dell AIO PCs and printer

32 Dell AIO PCs and printer

When not in use by classes.

Luther Library

Study tables

Quiz Lab

The Learning Center

Checkout Laptops

50 HP AIO Touch Screen PCs and three Konica printers (color available)

30 Dell AIO PCs

3 Dell AIO PCs

12 Dell Laptops 

7:45 AM -11PM    Mon-Thur

7:45 AM-4:30 PM     Friday

3:00 - 11:00 PM       Sunday

Only available for Library use with Midland ID.

Fremont Hall


14 Dell AIO PCs and Printer

When not in use by classes.